Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man may be seen in another MCU movie. If in the upcoming marvel movies we get to see Riri Williams AKA Ironheart that is. Marvel Though we haven’t seen yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Riri Williams has made an appearance

Fans want Ironheart to take over from Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Kevin Feige says he’s aware of those calls.Robert Downey, Jr. recently said he believes Ironheart should be introduced into the MCU as a potential replacement for Iron Man following his character’s final fate in

Robert Downey Jr. Wants To See Ironheart Appear In The MCU by Francisco Solano Olarte on June 16, 2019 Even though Tony Stark is no more, Robert Downey Jr is strongly advocating for us to see

Robert Downey Junior nie ma wątpliwości, kto powinien zastąpić Iron Mana w MCU – Riri Williams , czyli Ironheart! Pomysł pojawienia się w filmach Marvel Cinematic Universe młodziutkiej bohaterki Ironheart ma wielu fanów. Teraz okazuje się, że popiera go także

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige commented on the fan calls to see Riri Williams, a.k.a. Ironheart, join the MCU in the future. During an interview with BET, Marvel Studios president Kevin

We still don’t know who (if anyone) will replace Tony Stark as Iron Man in The MCU after the events of Avengers: Endgame, but if Robert Downey Jr. gets his way, it’ll be Riri

IronHeart nel Marvel Cinematic Universe? Secondo l’attore Robert Downey Jr. potrebbe essere l’eroina la degno erede di Iron Man In occasione del Gene Siskel Film Center’s annual Renaissance Gala, Robert Downey Jr. ha celebrato il suo rapporto di amicizia e collaborazione con Jon Favreau..

Robert Downey Jr fue presentado por Eve Ewing en el evento y aprovechó la oportunidad para dirigirse a la sala y decir públicamente que Ironheart debería aparecer en el MCU. Ironheart es una de las variaciones más recientes de Iron Man en Marvel Comics. Surgi{o

A script for an 『Ironheart』 movie from Marvel Studios has some speculating that Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man MCU replacement has already been decided on. A script for an 『Ironheart』 movie from


「The real story here is that Robert Downey Jr. said publicly in a room full of people that Ironheart should be in the MCU. I went straight back to the press area afterward and was like YOU ALL

18/6/2019 · Marvel comics writer Eve L. Ewing shared on social media that Downey Jr. advocated for her superhero, Ironheart, to join the MCU while he was accepting a prize at the Gene Siskel Film Center’s

這就像 MCU 系列,Iron Man 的智能管家 Javis 一樣。如果是真的,大家就依然能在 MCU 聽到羅拔唐尼經典的聲音了。 暫時,官方就沒有就報道發表任何回應,究竟《IronHeart》會不會開拍並在「Disney+」上架亦是未知知數。不知大家對這個新英雄又有沒有

This past weekend Ironheart writer Eve L. Ewing posted a tweet showing that Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man was interested in seeing Riri Williams/Ironheart join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Downey’s

Numerous factors come in to play right here as it depends on how they’re planing to introduce her. If they use the Bendis run then she would want to become Iron Woman just because she wanted to be an astronaut when she was a child and she wasn’t v

The man who played Tony Stark for a decade has publicly suggested that Iron Man’s successor, Riri Williams/Ironheart appear in the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. Says He Wants Riri Williams To Be in the

AVENGERS ENDGAME star Robert Downey Jr wants Ironheart to replace Iron Man in the MCU. With Marvel boss Kevin Feige promising a more diverse MCU

The Mark LXXXV Armor is Tony Stark’s eighty-fifth and final Iron Man suit. It was an upgrade to the Iron Man Armor: Mark L. As the previous armor was destroyed by Thanos, Tony Stark made this new version utilizing nanotechnology with enhanced durability as well

La phase 5 du MCU pourrait compter sut les Thunderbolts et Ironheart. Alors que Spiderman : Far from home clôturait il y a quelques mois la troisième phase du Marvel Cinematic Universe, les nouveaux films qui s’annoncent pourraient bientôt mettre en scène plusieurs protagonistes jusqu’à présent oubliés de l’univers créé en 1939.

Like the finer aspects of all things in the world of comics, the background villains of the Iron Man series really only reveal their secrets to the dedicated nitpickers out there watching the MCU. So when the same mysterious organization showed up in the recently released Ironheart #1, there was always going to be some explanation needed.

Aktor Iron Man Robert Downey Jr secara terbuka menyatakan dukungannya untuk membawa Ironheart ke Marvel Cinematic Universe. The real story here is that @RobertDowneyJr said publicly in a room full of people that #Ironheart should be in the MCU. I went

「Avengers: Damage Control」 buka spekulasi munculnya Ironheart di MCU CP name Reporter Suryanto Upload Date & Time Ironheart. (ANTARA/Marvel) Marvel dan ILMxLAB merilis trailer 「Avengers: Damage Control」, pengalaman virtual-reality (VR) baru yang akan memungkinkan penggemar Marvel bertarung bersama pahlawan favorit mereka. 「Avengers: Damage Control」, Spekulasikan Adanya Ironheart di MCU? LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM—Marvel dan ILMxLAB merilis trailer 「Avengers: Damage Control」, pengalaman virtual-reality baru yang akan memungkinkan penggemar Marvel

Marvel Studios has announced a slew of new projects that make space for more female-led, non-white superheroes. Now Robert Downey Jr, who played the role of Tony Stark in the MCU until Avengers Endgame, has said that he wants an Ironheart movie, a Tony

Ironheart Der Charakter Ironheart ist ein 15-jähriges hochbegabtes Mädchen namens Riri Williams, das durch ihr großes Interesse an Entwicklung ihren eigenen Iron Man-Anzug am MIT bauen konnte. Nach einem schweren Unfall, der den echten Iron Man ins Krankenhaus befördert, legt sie selber die Rüstung an und übernimmt mit Hilfe einer Tony Stark ähnlichen K.I. das Bekämpfen der Bösewichte

「And Ironheart, coined by Joe Quesada, after I told him my planned story for Riri, speaks not only to the soul of the character but to the Iron Man franchise as a whole. Tony first put on the

Desde que Vingadores: Ultimato foi lançado no início do verão, sabemos que a próxima fase do MCU não focará em Capitão América (Chris Evans) que ficou no passado, e Homem de Ferro (Robert Downey Jr), que morreu lutando contra Thanos.Uma lacuna que Kevin Feige e sua equipe terá que preencher, graças à chegada de vários novos personagens.

L’acteur est favorable au tournage d’Ironheart, un film qui nécessiterait son retour dans le MCU. Il ne risque donc pas d’y jouer un acteur principal bien sûr, mais ses rares passages

15/3/2020 · With several young heroes being introduced into the MCU in both the films and on upcoming Disney+ shows also known as Ironheart, to step in. A genius in

Iron Man – czy Ironheart zastąpi Tony’ego Starka w filmach Marvela? Jak podaje portal CBR, pisarka i scenarzystka Eve Ewing zdradziła, że Robert Downey Jr. – wieloletni odtwórca Iron Mana, wyraził publiczne poparcie pomysłu, by jego bohatera w kinowym świecie zastąpiono Riri Williams, znaną lepiej jako Ironheart.

L’attore protagonista di Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. ha recentemente espresso interesse nel vedere Ironheart nel MCU Ovviamente, essendo uscito di scena proprio in Avengers: Endgame

AVENGERS ENDGAME Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr could be set to return to the MCU for an Ironheart Disney Plus show. However, this didn’t come to

The Ironheart movie script written by Jada Rodriguez hits the Black List, which may have been commissioned by Marvel. An Ironheart movie script has surfaced. The Black List is a list of the best

Avengers: Ο αντικαταστάτης του Iron Man στο MCU θα είναι η 15χρονη Ironheart 18:20 – 18 Ιουνίου 2019 Newsroom Πίσω στο 2015 η Marvel αναζητούσε νέους ήρωες που θα μπορούσαν να ταυτιστούν με τις ως τότε

Who is IronHeart? True MCU fans probably already know, but for those who may need a little background, we thought we’d recap a little history on IronHeart. IronHeart is a comic book series

Robert Downey Jr dan Tom Holland sebelumnya telah mengungkapkan keinginan mereka untuk melihat debut Riri Williams sebagai Ironheart di MCU. Kali ini Presiden Marvel Studios Kevin Feige juga telah mengungkapkan perasaan yang sama tentang hal itu.

Yep. He apparently said he wants to see Ironheart in the MCU. While he didn’t namecheck Riri has a straight-up replacement for his character, and there’s no darned footage from the event

26/3/2020 · Aún no está claro por cuanto tiempo más permanecerá Peter Parker en el MCU, por lo que Marvel quiere aprovechar al máximo, el tiempo que Spidey pueda permanecer en su universo, y ya se encuentra preparando nuevos proyectos que involucren al arácnido, por lo que, Spider-Man podría aparecer en la serie 『Ironheart』.

However, MovieWeb reports that Lexi Rabe has received harassment from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans because of the “whitewashing of Ironheart.” They write, “Some MCU fans are angry with her for things that are out of her control (like the possible

There are three existing MCU characters who could become the next Iron Man following Robert Downey Jr.’s departure. Full story here. As for Iron Heart’s comic book origins, she is a genius who

Ainda não foi divulgado que novos heróis devem ser apresentados nas futuras fases do Universo Cinematográfico da Marvel (MCU), mas já sabemos qual deles Robert Downey Jr. nosso eterno Homem de Ferro, gostaria de ver nos cinemas: Ironheart!Convidado no

Marvel’s Phase 5 slate is slowly taking shape and now a new report claims that projects starring Ironheart and the Thunderbolts are officially in early development at Marvel Studios.

Eve Ewing to autorka komiksów Marvela z udziałem Ironheart.Ma ona też na swoim koncie takie pozycje jak Ms. Marvel i Marvel Team-Up. Erwing oświadczyła na Twitterze, że sam Robert Downey Jr. poparł obecność Ironheart w Kinowym Uniwersum Marvela., że sam Robert Downey Jr. poparł obecność Ironheart w Kinowym Uniwersum Marvela.

Rumors suggest that Marvel Studios is developing an Ironheart TV series for Disney+ that could open the door for Robert Downey Jr’s return. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were forced to come to terms with the harsh reality that the godfather of the MCU, Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, would no longer be a part of their favorite movie franchise

It’s officially a new year and there are many things to get excited about, especially as it pertains to comic-book movies. So, I figured I would start off 2018 with a fancast list of female characters I’d love to see in the MCU. It’s an idea that’s been in my head for a while

23/3/2020 · Tony Stark only met his noble end last spring, but there are already plans afoot at Marvel to bring Robert Downey Jr. back as Iron Man. We Got This Covered has been bringing you updates on the situation for the best part of a year now, and over the past week we were able to

映画『アベンジャーズ/エンドゲーム』レビュー(ネタバレあり)。これぞMCUの集大成であり、最高傑作だ! ※以下の記事には、公開中の映画『アベンジャーズ/エンドゲーム』のネタバレが含まれますので、未見の方はご注意ください。

As the new Ironheart series soars into stores today, see where Riri first took off! The new series』 creative team, Eve Ewing and Luciano Vecchio, is set to continue the story initiated by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato in 2016’s INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #7.On

雖然早前「分手」消息看似已經不能挽回,但雙方近日竟傳出好消息,蜘蛛俠將繼續可以出現在 MCU 電影中,而第 3 套《蜘蛛俠》系列獨立電影更直接定於 2021 年 7 月 16 日上映! Disney 跟 Sony 達成協議,Tom Holland 飾演的蜘蛛俠回歸 MCU

Marvel Stüdyolarının patronu Kevin Feige, hayranların en sevdiği karakterlerden olan Iron Heart’ün MCU’da bir geleceği olup olmadığını açıkladı. Bu hafta sonu vizyona girecek olan Spider-Man: Far From Home ile birlikte Marvel Sinematik Evreni’nde (MCU) bir dönem